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First, I want to apologize to those who follow me for not writing in quite a while, and I want to equally apologize to those who I follow for not being there for them either.

The reasons are several and none of them, I think, constitutes an adequate excuse, so I won’t try to give one.

Second, I want to announce the formation of a new blog and the soon closing of this one.  I’m not quite ready to link the new blog yet.  I want at least three or four new posts with which to inaugurate it and am just not quite up to that point yet.

The title of the blog is No Greater Love. The theme is Spiritual, with an emphasis on Christian Spirituality.

New blogs are a lot of trouble.  This new one will be my fourth in about as many years, with the longest living of the four being my first.  It lived two years.  They involve a lot of administrative work to get them just where you want them for looks and serviceability.

I will be sure to provide a link here when it is good to go.  Hopefully, that will be before the end of the year.

Thanks to everyone for their patience with me, and for patronizing my little contribution to the Internet here.  I hope to see you in the other place when it is ready.