1. Where have I been?
  2. What have I been doing?
  3. Am I still alive?
  • Same place as always except for in here.
  • That’s a question I can’t answer quickly.
  • As far as I can tell.

I received approval for SSI and have been trying to get some positive changes in my lifestyle underway.  I am still homeless for 75% of the time.  The meager monthly SSI payments are not nearly enough to support oneself except in the meanest of conditions and it would seem that I am meaner than the meanest.

I need transportation and shelter.  The 25% of the time that I am not “houseless” is at the first of the month when I get my SSI and rent a weekly rate motel room and that is as far as the SSI check will let me go — one week at a motel.

So, I have been looking around for a rooming house where I can get a place for $400 a month or less.  It ain’t happening, folks, not in this area anyway.  There have been a few, but they are precious few.  Rare, I say.  And nothing has worked out in that respect.

I have made a deal on a van, something I can go outside the city and it’s higher cost of living and find a cheaper place to live.  If I go outside the city I will be off public transportation routes and still need to get to doctors, groceries and etc.  With a van I can live in it as long as necessary while I cast about for something with a foundation — not to mention toilet and kitchen and running water.

It’s still a long way from ideal.  It’s still a dangerous and threatening situation, but it has improved.  If you look with a magnifying glass you can see it — barely.  The important thing is that it a move in the right direction.

The van deal ought to come through in a week or two — that’s a long story, but unwinding as it should.

Soon as I can, I plan to be back in Closing Remarks on a regular basis.  I just don’t know when “soon as I can” is.

I haven’t forgot the “Losing Faith” Series.

Thanks for your patience.