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In Waiting to Wait, I spoke of how I was approaching the time when I would cease anticipating the anticipation of the final result and simply begin to wait for it.  That time came faster than was expected.

Yesterday, I received notice of the final decision of the administrative law judge on my application for Social Security Disability.  The decision was favorable.  I will henceforth be getting a very small monthly disability payment and a large lump sum payment to compensate me for the 24 months (2 years) since I first filed my application.

“I will henceforth be getting,” but not so as you can tell.  The lawyer told me today it could take up to 6 weeks (1.5 months).  That means a month and a half of living in the street, a month and a half of soup kitchens, a month and a half of sleeping in doorways, a month and a half of sleeping with one eye open and looking over my shoulder every other time, a month and a half of enduring frightened and disgusted looks from “normal” people, and a month and a half of (simply put) struggling to remain alive and sane.

I have been back on the street about a month and a half, so I have that much time again to go again.  The first month and a half felt like six months.  The next month and a half will probably seem at least as long, especially seeing as how now I am in anticipation of something actually good at the end. By the end of three months I will feel as though I have been through a year.  Time’s Fun when your having Flies.  Speaking of flies . . . . . never mind . . . . .

Well, this result CERTAINLY alters my outlook on several minor and one MAJOR point in my life.  I have rewritten the ABOUT page to reflect this.  For those of you who don’t know that of which I speak, I’m sorry.  You missed it.  🙂

Well, I am going to sign this for now.  I’ve got a toothache.  Like you care!  🙂


P.S. I got a treat last night and was able to sleep in a motel.  Thanks, You-Know-Who!