Well, he didn’t come today.  I was so hoping he would.  The boy showed up again to say that he was told to tell me that He was very sorry but it was unavoidable.  He was certain to show up to-morrow though.  I asked the boy if he was the same boy who came yesterday.  He said he wasn’t.  he looked very familiar though.

I don’t remember yesterday very well.  But. certainly he didn’t come then either or I wouldn’t be here.  Would I?  Why else would I be waiting here in this accursed spot and desolate wasteland if not in wait for him.  He says he’s coming.  Maybe to-morrow.  To-morrow for sure says the boy.  When is tomorrow?  I am sure I will not remember very much of today when it gets here.  I never do.  I don’t think.

Perhaps a nap . . .

I must stay close by so as not to miss him.

Meantime, I’ll see if I can fashion a new belt.  These boots need airing too.