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Estragon:  What’s wrong with you?

Vladimir:  Nothing.

Estragon: I’m going.

Vladimir:  So am I.

Estragon:  Was I long asleep?

Vladimir:  I don’t know.

Estragon:  Where shall we go?

Vladimir:  Not far.

Estragon:  Oh yes, let’s go far away from here.

Vladimir:  We can’t.

Estragon: Why not?

Vladimir:  We have to come back to-morrow.

Estragon:  What for?

Vladimir:  To wait for Godot.

Estragon:  Ah!  (silence) He didn’t come?

Vladimir:  No.

Estragon:  And now it’s too late.

Vladimir:  Yes, now it’s night.

Estragon: And if we dropped him? (pause) if we dropped him?

Vladimir:  He’d punish us.  Everything’s dead but the tree.

Estragon:  What is it?

Vladimir:  It’s a tree.

Estragon:  Yes, but what kind?

Vladimir:  I don’t know.  A willow.

Estragon:  Why don’t we hang ourselves?

Vladimir:  With what?

Estragon:  You haven’t got a bit of rope?

Vladimir:  No.

Estragon:  Wait.  There’s my belt.

Vladimir:  It’s too short.

Estragon:  You could hang on to my legs.

Vladimir:  And who’d hang on to mine?

Estragon:  True.

Vladimir:  Show all the same. (Estragon lossens the rope and his trousers fall around his ankles.  They look at the rope)  It might do in a pinch.  But is it strong enough?

Estragon:  We’ll soon see.  Here.  (They each take an end and pull.  It breaks.  They stumble and almost fall.)

Vladimir:  Not worth a curse.

Estragon:  You say we have to come back to-morrow?

Vladimir:  Yes.

Estragon:  Then we can bring a good bit of rope.

Vladimir:  Yes.

Estragon: Didi?

Vladimir:  Yes.

Estragon:  I can’t go on like this.

Vladimir:  That’s what you think.

Estragon:  If we parted?  That might be better for us.

Vladimir:  We’ll hang ourselves to-morrow. (pause) Unless Godot comes.

Estragon:  And if he comes?

Vladimir:  We’ll be saved.

Estragon:  Well?  Shall we go?

Vladimir:  Pull on your trousers.

Estragon:  What?

Vladimir:  Pull on your trousers.

Estragon:  You want me to pull off my trousers?

Vladimir:  Pull ON your trousers.

Estragon:  (realizing that they are down) True.  (He pulls them up)

Vladimir:  Well?  Shall we go?

Estragon:  Yes.  Let’s go.

They do not move.

Waiting for Godot  Samuel Beckett