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I have been talking a whole heck of a lot about my spirituality.  Check out Losing Faith for confirmation on this.

Well, folks, it’s been bothering me.  While I have been rattling on about how dang spiritual I am, I have been doing nothing to correct the strong spiritual deficit I have been carrying.  I made it sound as though it was the Big Guy’s fault for not contacting me, while I have been purposefully avoiding him.  Eh?  Sounds fishy to me too.

So today I did something about it.  I went to church for the first time in about 5 months.  Granted, I didn’t go Holy Rolling down the aisle, but it did stir something deep in me that was very close to guilt for avoiding others of my faith.  You’ll see very soon, if you’re following Losing Faith, that the key part of my redefinition of faith was to share it not only with others of dissimilar beliefs but equally to gather in small or large groups with those with whom I share equal beliefs for the purpose of prayer, worship and just to be around people with whom I can share with understanding and just plain socialize.

Well, with this development and the one in Balance Retraction I am pleasantly surprising even myself.  All bets are not quite off.  One swallow does not a summer make, if you catch my drift.

Stay Tuned, Space Cadets!