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In A Life in the Balance — Conclusion, I made a statement under the heading “SOCIAL” that said that I found it impossible to make friends with the homeless while homeless.  My rampant cynicism was corrected dramatically last night.  A homeless couple with whom I am very well acquainted on good terms became friends last night.

They have been mentioned here in Closing remarks before in the post Poor Girl.  I invite you to go to that post to read a little background on the couple.

Anyway, last night was miserable for anyone who had to go out in it.  It was hell for the homeless.  It was cold and rainy: VERY rainy and more than a little cold.  The “Poor Girl” in question came up to the backyard where I was huddled against the cold under a roof overhang.

She was soaking wet, drunk and crying bitter tears.  She sat beside me and huddled up against me for warmth and comfort.  I put my arm around her and pulled her close.  It seems that after the incident in Poor Girl, her and her man reunited and now he had disappeared again.

A lot of the grief she was experiencing last night was booze inspired but it was grief none-the-less it was grief and my heart sprang another gusher.  I don’t think I’m too damn soft, do you?  Anyway I consoled her and told her that he would show up soon just like every other time.  I told her that neither of them were bad people just did some self-destructive things some times.  I held her tightly against my chest while she was wracked with sobbing.

Eventually she and I both fell asleep, despite the wet and cold, in that position.  Well, he showed up as predicted.  The rain had slackened and the three of us walked to a nearby picnic table illuminated by a parking lot light.  she cried on him for a while about not knowing where he was and as it turned out he was looking for her too after getting separated in the storm.

Then she told him what I had done for her when she got there.  She told him how I had reassured and comforted her.  She told him how I had kept her warm while she had slept.  The look in his eyes was unmistakable.  It was gratitude, and he told me how thankful he was that I had been there to do that for her and him.  Without thinking I just threw out a cliche line,

“It’s all right.  That’s what friends are for.”

As I was saying it I realized that they had truly become friends and felt the same towards me.  Dang!  I think there’s a Hallmark movie in this somewhere, don’t you?

So there ya go folks.  I am now revising my “SOCIAL” score from +5 to +10.

It also makes me think some more about my previously statement about loss of purpose.

Do you hear me Santa Cruz?

It seems that things are not quite as bleak and destined for destruction as previously imagined.  There may be hope for me yet.

More Later

P.S. It’s still raining and cold.  The temperatures are going into the 30’s tonight and tomorrow night.  Ain’t life wonderful?