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Jaguar XJ. Starting at $73,000

Standing outside the public library, I noticed I was standing beside a car with a university logo on the back window that was the same for my Alma Mater.  The car was a Jaguar XJ.

As I was looking a woman about my age approached the car and started to get in.  She was dressed and coiffed very smartly.  Jewels hung from around her neck and encircled her fingers.

“Nice car,” I said.

She looked at me in my street clothes and carrying my dirty tote bag holding life’s necessities.

She smiled.  “Thanks.”

“I couldn’t help but notice that the sticker on your car is the same from my university.  Did you go to “XY?”

“Yes,” she said.

“What year?”

“Class of “**”

“Me too,” I replied.  “What was your degree?”

“B.A.  polisci.”

It was my turn to smile.  “Me too.  History minor.”

Her jaw slackened and she looked over my general appearance once more.  “I remember you!  You were the guy who was always challenging the professors.  Remember how upset you made professor Swenson?”

“Yeah, that was fun.  But she had it coming”

“Well a lot of us really looked up to you.”


“Well, I gotta run.  Lot of stuff to do.  It was fantastic seeing you again?”

“Yeah, you too.”  I couldn’t ever recall seeing her before in my life.



She got into her Jag, stroked it into a purr and rolled away.

Do you think it funny that people from such similar backgrounds can wind up on the opposite ends of the Social Ladder?

I don’t.  It’s pretty simple actually.  It helps if you were a polisci major/history minor, but only a little.

Only in America.