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Just an administrative and personal note  . . .

I’ve been gone to ground and incommunicado the past few days.  I am bracing for a really bad cold snap that is getting ready to punch us hard.  The next several nights (maybe a week) the temps are going to get near freezing.  They are calling for 32 degree weather for at least two nights and 30s and very low 40s around there.  The extended forecast is not showing signs of relief yet. brrrrrrrrrrrr………

I have a doctor’s appointment today and a lawyer’s appointment.  I am getting ready if not exactly enthusiastically for the hearing on the 17th.

I hoped to have Losing Faith X up today, but alas and alack it didn’t happen.  With appointments and near freezing temps upon me and coming up it looks as though it might still be a few days away before I get that post up.  For the three or four that I know are following it, I apologize.

Well, that’s about it.  I’m wore out but still locomoting along.

Chat Later.