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I’ve known her for about a week.  I’ve seen her around for a year or more, but only met her and got to know her about a week ago.

She is the female counterpart of a “homeless couple.”  It happens frequently.  Homeless men and women will bond in romance, and more importantly, in pacts of mutual protection and support.  They “watch each others back,” and scrounge for sustenance.

This particular couple are perhaps thee cutest couple I have yet to see — no “perhaps” about it.  Occasionally they break up but get back together within 24 hours.  They “found” me when they came into the backyard of a charity house where I have been spending my nights.  (Shhhh……. Don’t tell anyone, ‘k?)

Tonight, about 11:30 (it’s 2:00 a.m. now) I was sitting in the back yard by myself when she came walking up.  Alone.  She got her hidden sleeping bag and put it on the back porch.  She walked to a dark corner of the house and squatted like a dog (like a dog!) to relieve herself.  Without speaking or acknowledgement, I gave her privacy.  She finished and walked past me back to the porch.

“Where’s your man?”

“I don’t know.  I woke up and he was gone.  He’ll be here later.”

She went out of sight around the corner.  I sat back down.  After a few minutes, I got up and walked around to speak to her.  She was curled up in a fetal position, and leaning against a wall in a dark corner.  Her back was turned toward me.  I spoke.

She raised her head a little.  “I just woke up.”

“Did I wake you?  I’m sorry.”

“NO!  I just woke up.”

She never turned her head to face me.  It was then that I saw she was nursing, like a baby, a half empty bottle of vodka.

I left her alone.

A moment later I realized that she didn’t “just wake up.”  She “came to.”  she hadn’t fallen asleep.  she had passed out.  While she was in that condition her knight in ragged armor abandoned her.  What a chum. eh?  what a Chump!

From talking to her, I honestly believe that she believes she love him.  From talking to him, I believe he’s just using her.  He would never admit it.  what a pair.  What a life.  Compared to me, they are young.  Compared to the world, they are ancient.

It kills me to witness this.  It tears and claws my spirit.  Oh God!  Where art thou??

I have seen this uncounted times before; different couples, different venues, different scenarios, but always the same.  It’s the same dog, with different fleas.  Each time my heart bleeds geysers.

He just came up — 2:30 a.m.  I didn’t go to look, but I could hear him talking loudly — drunkenly.

“I fucked up, o.k.?  I just fucked up.  I FUCKED UP!”

Then all fell silent.  10 minutes later I stuck my head around the corner.  He was passed out beside her.

Poor Woman.

Angels of Mercy, where the Hell ARE you??

Poor Girl.

All of you out there, she’s your sister.  What will you do?

Poor Child.