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Is time moving way too fast for you?  As you advance in years does it feel as though the years are flashing by and getting shorter?  Remember the time when time itself moved so slowly that you felt you would live forever?

Good Old Days, eh?  Want to regain some of that?  Want to feel like a year is a year and more?

I have the ANSWER!  I can tell you HOW!

  1. Get rid of all your money,
  2. Throw or give away all your possessions and clothes except for what you can carry on your body and over your shoulder.
  3. Lose your job and any other sources of income,
  4. Alienate your family and friends so that they want nothing further to do with you, and

This next one is important.

  • Become so ill that you are progressively incapacitated.  Heart disease and diabetes are good for this but there are others that will work just as well.  I don’t recommend heart disease or diabetes for anybody, but they have worked for me.

If you can arrange to have your heart broken and your dreams shattered so thoroughly that you are left without hope for remedy and without possibility of personal redemption, then you will seal the deal on time expansion!

In summary:


heartbreak and hopelessness

The last one on heartbreak and hopelessness is so subjective that it is impossible to detail all the ways to accomplish it.  Number 4 above (alienation) is a fantastic and even indispensable start, but there are so many variations to Spiritual Death and Emotional Annihilation.  But, it is a vital component.  If all hope is not destroyed at or near the beginning, then your all other efforts to elongate the temporal dimension of your life (remember: that is your goal), will be weak at best and most likely totally useless.

It is important to note here, that loss of hope should not be absolute!  If all hope is absolutely lost, then your attempts to expand time will be in vain.  If loss of hope is absolute then you will probably seek to end your life by your own hand, which put an immediate end to your purpose of extending time by eradicating time itself.  Be careful on this one.

Instead, try clinging on to one tiny and highly improbable glimmer of hope.  Think, in the back of your mind, that there might be SOMETHING that will relieve you of this painful journey short of death itself..  This improbable gleam of hope must be time-dependent itself.  There must be a deadline.  It can’t be open-ended.

With a deadline, there is increased yearning, anticipation, and anxiety as the deadline approaches.  Looking forward to a deadline has, in and of itself, great potential for time expansion.  Anxiety over the outcome will cause hours to

seem like days, days to seem like weeks, and weeks will seem to go on and on with miserable infinitude.  I know this works from experience.

In conclusion to everything mentioned above, the important thing is to make yourself as miserable as is humanly possible without bringing to a swift conclusion the inevitable negative consequences of misery.  There is a fine line here, but with practice you can toe the line successfully.

Seek to prolong your misery rather than eliminate it  Misery is the very foundation and key to successful time expansion.  Embrace your misery, but do not love it.  Loving misery is an oxymoron and counterproductive to your goal.  Besides, loving misery is Masochism and that’s just plain sick, dude!

In the next installment I will list the way you can take action toward this goal.  There are many simple things that anyone can do to make their life feel like a Never-Ending Hell.

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