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My Angel

My Angel describes the beauty my eyes behold.

My Angel shows me the way to return the love I’m given.

My Angel is myself.

My Angel berates me when I am selfish.

My Angel cries in pain.  I don’t care.

Come join me, Angel, in my physical pain and I will shoulder your

Psychic ills.

Come join me, Angel, and let my body take the punishment for your

Brokenness and heartache.

We will bear it together.  In the end we will lose them simultaneously.

Together let us cry for the Angel of the Lord.


You say,

I am yours and you are mine and none shall intervene:

The Angel of the Lord comes not here.  I am jealous,

You’ll have no other than me.

It’s just you and me, my Man.  In the end I will continue and gently lay

You down.

When you end, I will exist and cry no more,

My Man.  My Love.