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Today I went out and took care of business for the move out.  I got a two day Stay of Execution — no Reprieve — the governor’s a hard-ass.  My last wake-up with a roof over my head will be Monday.

But, I got the warm-up today.  I carried all my belongings out and stored some of them in a box in a charity house.  I rode the bus and walked considerable distances up and down the hills of Charlottesville laden like a Pack Mule.  It was unseasonably warm and I was making the decision on more outer clothing that I would have to give back to the world.

Under the category of “I Wish I Said It;”  I climbed on a bus with the aid of my cane and carrying a full tote bag.  The bus was perfectly full.  Not over-crowded, standing in the aisle full, but every seat was taken.  With the addition of me, it became standing in the aisle full.  All the front, side facing seats were filled with young female college students.  These are the seats that are posted to be for the elderly and disabled.  None of the UVA students stood up to offer me a seat.  As a matter of fact they all studiously avoided my gaze.

I spoke to a young woman nearest me and said, “Could a young and healthy woman like yourself spare a seat for an elderly and feeble gentleman?”  Her response was to give me a dirty look and say, “How you know I ain’t sick?”  I said nothing.  I just braced myself against a pole and rocked and rolled with every lurch and stop.

What I WISH I had said to, “How you know I ain’t sick?” was

“Yeah, but gonorrhea doesn’t count.  As a matter of fact I think standing up would be more comfortable if you have the Clap.”

But I didn’t say it.  I took the high road.  *sigh*

But this was all just foreplay with me and the road.  The fucking in earnest begins the 19th.  I hope they use protection.