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Yesterday I was hard at work writing and posting articles and I did an update on a draft.  The screen returned that my blog had been “archived or suspended” for violation(s) of Terms of Service.  I was floored.  Nothing I have ever done in this blog has ever been in violation of the Terms of Service for Word Press.

I was given the option of contacting Customer Service, which I did immediately.  Many hours (more than 12) passed before I got a response.  The response was,


Your site was flagged by our automated anti-spam controls. I have reviewed your site and have removed the suspension notice.

We are very sorry for that happening and the inconvenience it caused you.


Gee Whiz, Anthony!  An “inconvenience?”  Well, he did say they were “very sorry.”  I wrote him back saying that I forgave him and telling him that it  was much more than inconvenience.

I have readers who were expecting postings.  I had stated getting daily and substantial hits.  I wasn’t getting MONSTER hits, just regular hits that one would expect with one or two regular followers and two or three posts per day.

This Interruption caused my followers to receive a message that my blog was closed if they tried to visit it.

This Interruption caused a break in the rhythm of hits, which yield “likes” and comments.  It seriously jammed blog traffic.

This Interruption prevented people who might have tried to visit Closing Remarks from a search engine, and consequently become new followers.  More importantly,

This Interruption severely compromised an already highly strained deadline schedule.

And why were these interruptions necessary?  It was because my site was flagged by “automated anti-spam controls,” and for absolutely no good reason.  “Inconvenience” puts it very lightly.  Calling it an inconvenience is an insult.

At least if it was due to Human Error then it could be more easily forgiven.  How do you forgive “automated spam controls.”  You can’t.  All you can do is forgive the dummies for not  being competent enough to design a program that doesn’t unjustly penalize dedicated patrons.

*deep sigh*

I forgive you Anthony.  How about see if you can make this Dog and Pony show work.  If it’s too complicated, I suggest unplugging the anti spam thingy and trying it by hand.




P.S.  Any bets on whether posting this complaint will get another “review.”  I certainly left enough relevanttags to draw their attention.