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Closing Remarks — Getting the Penultimate Word.

This will be my last effort to communicate my thoughts and feelings to the world.  My life is coming to an end — soon.  If the end does not come on its own within the next month or two, I will bring it to an end as Executioner, pro se.

The question of “Why?” is important and deserves exploration.  But, that will come later.  First, perhaps, an explanation should be offered for why I would do a blog preceding such an event.  Both are important considerations but I think priorities require that the last shall come first.

The reason is stated in the title.  As the end of my time on top of the ground approaches, I want to say some things to kind of round things off.  I want to talk about my time on this earth up to this point.  I have seen a lot of things and experienced a few more.  I hope that there is some measure of wisdom in the remaining words I have to offer, but even if there is no wisdom or rhyme or reason to my ramblings, then at least I will have rambled them.

If my thoughts do not carry on after me, if my words mean nothing to anyone in the future, then at least I will go to whatever my reward will be with the final knowledge that I expressed them.  I am getting it off my chest.

I hope it means something to someone.  I hope that somewhere in this mass of scribblings is something that someone, somewhere can use.  If it just makes someone think for a moment about something deeper than a bowl of water then that would be nice.  Maybe . . ..  I will not abuse myself however with the notion that it has to be anything to anyone other than just the arrogance of a self-deluded madman.

So that’s the reasoning behind the blog.  Take it for what it’s worth.

Why I will bringing about the end of my own physical existence is the first of the two questions mentioned above.  I have yet to mention the word “suicide” and it will not be mentioned henceforth if I can help it.  It may come up in objective discussion but as for my personal end, it will not be mentioned again.

As for why I find it personally necessary to end life this way, that discussion will come near the end of this blog, which by defining nature is finite in the extreme.  The reason for leaving it for the last was implied above.  There is a great deal I want to say first and the discussion of my end will logically come at the end of this blog.

Will I lose my “being” in the end?  Will I cease to “exist?”  Certainly in the sense of being or existence in strictly physical terms, death is the very definition of the end of existence.  The body dies and life ends.  It is my hope and prayer that I will continue to exist though in spiritual essence.  It is my hope and prayer that my spirit will achieve paradise.  This also will be discussed in the days to come and the articles to be posted.

Once again, welcome.

For now, let us proceed to the beginning of the penultimate.